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Our goal is to entertain, inspire and educate.

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Campanile Productions produced its first show in 2009 with Bye Bye Birdie, after getting our feet wet with Beauty and the Beast produced by the former Pennyrile Academy of Fine Arts in 2008. Campanile was started by a group of theatre lovers who longed for their city to know the joy of the stage. We have been running for 10 years now, and proud to be a non-profit community theatre organization. 


We entertain our audiences by providing quality musical theatre performances. We inspire by creating a cast that becomes family, and believing in its members. We educate through the experience of performing, but also through our summer camps that are designed specifically for kids.



What is a Campanile?

"Campanile" comes from the Italian word meaning "bell tower". You can often find bell towers on college campuses, utilizing carillions to send out musical tones, or to signify the current time.


As with any tower, it rises above its surroundings and serves as a focal point in its respective location, becoming an everyday reminder to rise above.

Here in Hopkinsville, we believe our purpose is to inspire both our cast members and audience to, in the same way, rise above their surroundings or circumstances, and reach for the heavens.


To reflect on the sets, the costumes, the props,

the choreography, and the talent is to marvel at

the depth and commitment of Campanile...

Brian Coatney reviewing Shrek the Musical
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