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Join the family at Campanile Productions!

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In order to put on a show, there is so much work required behind the scenes. Regardless if you enjoy or are skilled at being on the stage, we'd love to have you join us in any way you can. Read through our teams below, and message us if you're interested in getting involved!


Designing, sewing, tailoring, organizing, steaming, cleaning, and helping us keep them in order between shows!


Designing, building, loading and unloading from the theater. Set design and painting. We would love your help if you're handy or artistic.


If you love curating and antiquing, props would be a great spot for you! We always need help sourcing, crafting, and keeping up with the props!


Are you tech savvy? Or love to design on a computer? Maybe you love to play with lights, or sound? We could always use people to run our mics, sound cues, lighting cues, and design projections.


Social media curation, photography, videography, copywriting, communication with radios and newspapers, flyers, posters, branding. There is so much to do on the marketing team and we'd love your help!


Someone has to be in charge of all the logistics. That could be you! The producing team ensures that all deadlines are being met, that we are abiding by our budget, and catches any slack.


The stage manager is the right hand to the director. They keep up with absences, attendances, and help communicate with the cast any notes and changes from the director.


If you have a knack for community engagement and involvement, and are gifted at getting people to give you money ( lol) then join this team!

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